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1963 Jaguar MKII 3.8L



Mark 2






103,880 km



Technical sheet


cylindres en ligne, 12sp


3781 cm3


M 4 gears

+ Overdrive


 2 carbus SU HD6


220 hp at 5500 rpm

Poids à vide 

1499 kg


This Jaguar MKII 3.8L that we are offering for sale was delivered new to Paris by the importer Royal Elysées / Ch.Delecroix on April 27, 1963 in its current color configuration.


Two private owners until today.


Equipped with its original engine and a Jaguar gearbox with synchronized ratios.


Vehicle that has never been restored! Never tinkered! Never in an accident!


A simple exterior painting had been carried out at the time by its previous owner. 


The entire interior is entirely original, upholstery, carpets, headliner, dashboard.


Its body (monocoque) shows no trace of corrosion, the state of conservation of the underbody is surprising.


The alignment of the openings is superb.


Rare are the Jaguar Mark IIs in such a state of conservation and conformity. 


All the chrome and hardware strips are beautiful, as are its wire wheels. 


All on-board instruments and electrical equipment are functional.


Its odometer indicates 103,880 kilometers which is its original mileage, not certifiable but justified!

Indeed, the general original condition of the car, its homogeneity and various reasons allow us to affirm this! 


Numerous mechanical works had been carried out before our purchase, running gear, suspension, clutch, braking circuit with replacement of discs, pads and brake cylinders…


We have traveled 1,200 kilometers since purchasing it in order to enjoy the car and be able to detect any problems.


It worked perfectly with very good oil pressure but its consumption was slightly higher than normal, so we undertook a complete overhaul of its engine.


Once the engine and gearbox assembly had been removed and dismantled, we could see that it had never been rebuilt, lower and upper engine still in standard dimension, crankshaft and liners in perfect condition, which confirms our opinion on its mileage. 

Only the cylinder head and its distribution had been repaired (valves, guides, seats and all the chains).


We have since carried out the following work and improvements:


-Cleaning and checking the crankshaft

-Replacement of all camshaft line bearings and crankshaft connecting rods in standard dimension;

-De-glazing of shirts (non-ovalized)

-Replacement of the 6 pistons and their segments still in standard dimension

-Overhaul of carburetors

- Overdrive overhaul in England

-Overhaul of all engine peripheral accessories (starter, water pump and miscellaneous, etc.)

-Replacement of all the cooling circuit and fuel circuit hoses

-Revision of the heating circuit leading to the replacement of all the housing seals, installation of a more powerful ventilation motor.



-Replacement of the original igniter with an electronic igniter

-Replacement of the dynamo with a charging alternator

-Customized stainless steel exhaust manifold and stainless steel line;

-Installation of an additional fan with automatic activation


The vehicle will be sold with a one (1) year warranty.


Its original user manual, toolbox, jack and mallet are present.


Beautiful, reliable and pleasant to use, its quality will meet the expectations of a person looking for a real MKII!

History of the model

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