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1973 Maserati Bora 4.7L





Bora 4700 (AM117)


Milan Italy


46,606 km

46,606 km





Technical sheet


8cylinders in V, 16sp

8cylinders in V, 16sp


4,719 cm3


ZF 5 speed


4Weber double barrel carburetors


310 hp at 6000 rpm

Curb weight

1400 kg


The vehicle we are offering you was manufactured in November 1972 and delivered in Milan, in its “Giallo” livery with “Black” interior.

First put into circulation in March 1973, it would have been a presentation car to customers by the factory but this remains to be demonstrated.

Its first owner was an Italian, the second a Frenchman bought it in November 1978, and kept it until 2012, when its current and third owner acquired the car.

Almost no longer running for a certain time, at the beginning of the 2000s the car was sent to the Maserati SM2A specialists to carry out all the mechanical repair work, running gear, braking, air conditioning, etc.

For an amount of around €25,000, the car currently has 40,000 km on it.

When in 2012 its current owner acquired it, quite meticulous, he decided to put it with a renowned bodybuilder, to carry out all the work on the bodywork and painting, then mechanical work was undertaken again, time had passed and a big service was required again.

Engine sealing, hydraulic circuit, stainless steel exhaust, Michelin XWX, electrical circuit, etc.

Around €26,000 was still invoiced, and all these invoices come with the file of course.

The car has always remained well preserved, its stainless steel bumpers, leather and carpets are entirely original, only its spare wheel cover is missing.

A car in its original configuration with low mileage and a clear history.


Cosmetic preparation and general revisions will be made for sale.


History of the model

The Maserati Bora was produced from 1971 to 1978 equipped with a 16sp V8 engine of 4,719 cm3 (310hp) until 1974 then rebored to 4,930 cm3 (330hp).

  • A model designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro

  • Around 550 copies left the factory

  • The first production Maserati with a mid-rear engine

  • A sound worthy of the red trident brand

  • A “Citroën” braking and clutch system which at the time had bought the brand

  • A sublime stainless steel roof

  • Special seats that offer remarkable comfort.


A beautiful Italian with very good driving skills.

Message bien envoyé

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