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1985 Porsche 930 3.3L Turbo



911 (930) Turbo 3.3L






73,000 km





Technical sheet


6cylinders flat, 12sp


3299 cm3


M 4 gears


K-jetronic injection


300 hp at 5500 rpm

Curb weight

1330 kg

History of the model

The Porsche 911 turbo is today a true icon, the second generation of which has indeed had the privilege of remaining in the catalog for 12 years! Amazing longevity and still incredible charisma for this 3.3L version that we never tire of rediscovering with nostalgia.


The origins of the first production 911 Turbo lie in the engines of the Porsche 917 current in CanAm since 1972.

These are equipped with a flat12 turbocharged which allows them to dominate the competition.

In 1973 Porsche therefore presented at Paris show a turbocharged prototype, which foreshadows its second generation 911. This was marketed in 1974, its definitive turbo version was revealed, although in the meantime the first oil shock.

Depending on its origins, and to follow the sporting and commercial success of the Carrera RS of the first generation, this version is initially designed as a homologation version of the turbo engine in competition, and as such, Porsche initially plans to produce only 500 examples.

But the success of the model will very quickly make them renounce any limitation on production.

In 1977, Porsche revised the engine and increased it to 3.3L and 300 hp (code 930/60) adding an air-air intercooler to solve the problem of the 3.0L 260 hp engine which was not equipped with a wastegate. , the driver had to perpetually anticipate the foot lift, because the residual pressure at the time the power was cut caused the engine to remain under load until 1/2 second after the foot lift. 

Production of the model was stopped in 1989. 


This Porsche 911 type 930 Turbo 3.3L was delivered new in Italy on September 15, 1985 by the Porsche center in Milan in its attractive Crystal Green Metallic color and an all black leather interior. 


It was a woman from the Bologna region who bought it new and kept it for almost 30 years, as evidenced by her maintenance log, the invoices in her file and various documents.


  • 17-05-1986 / 4,431 kilometers serviced by Porsche Milan (logbook)

  • 06-03-1989 / 21,807 kilometers maintenance by Porsche Milan (logbook)

  • 10-19-1994 / 38,890 kilometers serviced by Porsche Minan (logbook)


Immobilization of the vehicle for several years.


  • 25-10-2010 / 63,790 kilometers maintenance by Porsche Bologna (booklet + invoice)

  • 02-21-2011 / 64,257 kilometers maintenance by Porsche Bologna (invoice)

  • 03-21-2012 / 65,306 kilometers maintenance by Porsche Bologna (invoice)

  • 03-11-2013 / 65,842 kilometers maintenance by Porsche Bologna (booklet + invoice)

  • 24-10-2013 / 65,950 kilometers maintenance by Porsche Bologna (invoice)


It was in December 2014 that she parted ways with it and sold it to a gentleman from Belgium, living in Lasne. 


  • 01-16-2015 / 66,084 kilometers serviced by Porsche (logbook)

  • 04-22-2016 and 05-31-2016 / 66,602 kilometers maintenance by SCT August Ohain (invoice)


On April 9, 2018 with 67,075 kilometers, the car was resold by the August garage to a gentleman living in Biesme-sous-Thuin, still in Belgium.


  • 06-03-2019 / 68,683 kilometers maintenance by SCT August Ohain (invoice)

  • 09-17-2019 / 69,321 kilometers maintenance by SCT August Ohain (invoice)


The car was resold in 2020 to its last owner, a collector of the brand living in the Hauts-de-France region.


After its registration, he entrusted the car to the Porsche Classic Rouen center for a major overhaul and various other works, for more than €18,500 including tax.


  • 02-18-2021 / 70,706 kilometers maintenance by Porsche Rouen (booklet + invoice)


-Removal of the gearbox engine assembly.

-Valve clearance adjustment

-Turbo wastegate removal

-Revision of the ignition 

- Overhaul of the gearbox including replacement of the synchronization rings, sliding sleeve, 3rd and 4th gear gear clutch teeth and various… Sealing. 

-Replacement of all filters (oil, fuel, air and air pump)

-Replacement belt accessories 

-Replacement of wheel bearings

-Overhaul of the braking circuit;



  • 12-10-2022 / 71,989 kilometers maintenance by SCT Prévale Auto Classic


The car is today in very good condition.


Recently repainted, its paint has no defects and is well stretched. 

Its interior is clean, very well preserved, all of its leathers have been recently treated by a talented saddler who knew how to work while respecting the original appearance.


Mechanically, the car works perfectly. A general check and review will still be carried out for the sale. The four tires will be replaced before delivery.

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