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1963 Jaguar E-Type Coupe 3.8L Series 1



Type E 3.8L Series 1









Fiche technique


6cylinders online, 12sp


3,781 cm3


3 carburateurs SU HD8


M 4 reports


265 hp at 5,500 rpm

0 to 100 km/h

7.1 seconds

Vitesse max

240 km/h

Curb weight

1,275 kg


Jaguar E-Type Coupe 3.8L from 1964.


It is one of the last 500 3.8L series 1 coupes.


Its manufacturer’s plate and its numbers tell us that:


-The car was delivered new in France. 


-Its engine is original.


-Its original gearbox (Moss) was replaced by a Jaguar gearbox with synchronized first gear.


Its color is not original, it is Gun Metal gray while its original color is a lighter gray. You will notice in the photos that the Eiffel Tower in the engine compartment has remained in its original color (difference in shade). 


The car was purchased by its 2nd owner in 2008, we have no invoices or other traces of the first owner (Grenoblois) but thanks to the Histovec website of the French administration we were able to see that it was not has changed ownership only once. 


The car is now in good general condition.


Its ten-year-old paint is clean and scratch-free.


The car has no trace of corrosion, the rocker panels sound hollow, the alignments are good, the oval (nose) of the hood is perfect and conforms to the original unlike a large number of Type E when they had a shock at the front. 


Its bumpers are very nice.


Its spoked wheels are in new condition.


Its upholstery is original and patinated. The central console deserves to be replaced, the seats reupholstered and treated. Its fabric headliner is cracked but a new headliner is in the trunk and ready to be fitted.


Mechanically the engine runs smoothly and revs without problem. The gears of the Jaguar synchronized first gearbox shift without a hitch.


The front brakes are 4-piston Koperkraft which ensures better braking.


The car has electronic ignition and is equipped with a charging alternator.


Kenlowe electric for 8 blade electric fan.


Jaguar toolbox.


Numerous works were carried out by its last owner after its purchase. We therefore have a file of invoices for parts but no labor because he was used to working on his vehicles himself.


Here is a partial summary of the work carried out:


From 2006 to 2009:


-Overhaul of the engine after removal of the latter and all the accessories in its compartment. 


-Overhaul of carburetors (SU HD8).


-Painting of the Eiffel Tower in the engine compartment.


-Break of a new charging alternator.


-Replacement of various accessories... 


-Overhaul of the brake system including replacement of the brake master cylinder, replacement of the brake assist lung and installation of Koperkraft brake. 


-Overhaul of the running gear and suspension with replacement of 

shock absorbers. 

-Replacement of chrome wire wheels.


-Replacement of the electrical harness. 




-Complete painting in Jaguar Gun Metal Gray.


-Break of a new windshield.


-Replacement of all door seals, trunk etc... 


From 2013 to 2014:


-Chroming treatment of bumpers and various fittings.


-Replacement of bumper stops.


-Replacement of the electric fuel pump.


-Replacement of spark plug wire harness. 


-Replacement of the exhaust line. 


And various…


For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you.

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