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1970 Jaguar E-Type 4.2L Series 2






34,137 km



Type E Series 2

Technical sheet


6cylinders online, 12sp


4,235 cm3

Boîte de vitesses

4 reports


3 SU HD8 carburetors


269 hp at 5,400 rpm

Curb weight

1,230 kg


1,088 Copies

History of the model


Jaguar E Type Series 2 from 1970 delivered new in Sweden.

Very good general condition.

Recent upholstery and soft top, dashboard tailor-made by specialist, engine rebuilt, new chrome wire wheel.

Partial summary of the work carried out from 2000 / 2001 until the sale of the vehicle to him.last owner current 2016.

  • Current 2002:

Repair of the front brakes, replacement of discs, pads and the brake master cylinder. 

Replacement of all body seals.

  • Current 2003:

Complete overhaul of the gearbox, replacement of synchronizers, gears, etc.

Replacement of the clutch and its hydraulic circuit (transmitter and receiver).

Restoration of the bridge by Classic Garage (invoice attached to the file). 

Replacement of the exhaust with a new stainless steel line. 

Front axle adjustment.


  • Current 2006:

Removal of the rear hubs to replace the bridge with a hill bridge 3.07. 

Removal of the bridge cover for checking the bevel torque side 3.07.

Replacement of the lower and upper steering column gimbals.

Refurbishment of the front axles, replacement of the steering ball joints, the links as well as the lower pinion bearings then adjustment.


  • Current 2010:

Painting of the entire bodywork on a sound basis, replacement of chrome and 

headlight surrounds and various…



  • Current 2011:


(around 55,000 km odometer) 

Cylinder head:  Replacement of valve guides and camshaft bearings.

Replacement of the tachometer generator and various other parts.

Surfaces of the pads for adjustment of clearance tolerances on the intake and exhaust valves.

Surfacing of joint surfaces.

Cylinder block:  Replacement of pistons and their segmentations.

Replacement of cylinder head mounting studs.

Checking the weight and dimension of the connecting rods, replacing their bearings.

Replacement of the oil pump and various…

Distribution: Replacement of the chain as well as the guides and tensioner.



  • Current 2012: 

Replacement of shock absorbers and other silent-block consumables etc.

Replacement of front and rear brake pads as well as rear brake hose.

Replacement of all the bolts and chrome washers of the camshaft covers. 



  • Undefined period:

Renovation of leather upholstery, carpets and trim.

Custom manufacturing of a wooden dashboard by the recognized specialist cabinetmaker Mr. Dehaye Philippe.

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