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1974 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12 5.3L



Type E Series 3






20,200 km counter



Fiche technique


12cylinders V, 24sp


5343 cm3


M 4 gears


 4 carbus Zenith


272 hp at 5850 rpm

Curb weight

1450 kg

History of the model

Since 1961, the  Jaguar E-Type designed by Malcom Sayer, takes its feline, elegant and sporty look on the roads.

The model evolves spectacularly with the 3 Series.


From a sports car for Series 1, the Jaguar Type E V12 Series 3 appeared in 1971 and moved towards the concept of Grand Touring with a welcome zest of comfort.


This is the big change for the Type E model.


What immediately catches the eye is the revised look, starting with the extended wheelbase, larger doors which push back the passenger compartmentallowA tall driver can get in and out of the car more easily and enjoy a much more pleasant driving position.

The chrome is more flashy, the optics retain the principle of US standards, the mouth has widened, the air intake for the radiator has grown in size.

The keenest observers will have noticed wheel arches with a unique design as they pass by.

The stern is equipped with four exhaust outlets, which indicates to any enthusiast that they are in the presence of a Type E V12...


Finally the buyer of a Type E V12 can count on a reliable and flexible engine, while the revised running gear allows for even improved and much more efficient handling without sacrificing a certain comfort.


We offer for sale this Jaguar Type E Series 3 equipped with its 60° V12 of 5343 cm3, an exceptional engine initially designed for competition and redesigned for everyday use and a  optimal reliability.

This example is optionally equipped with air conditioning and is wellobviouslyWith standard power steering, it is in very good general condition both mechanically and aesthetically.

-Recent painting (on a healthy base)

-New upholstery and carpets

-Custom alpaca soft top and new soft top cover;

The vehicle has undergone a major general overhaul and will be sold with an engine, gearbox and axle warranty.

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