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1956 Jaguar XK140fhc










170,000 km


Technical sheet


6cylinders online, 12sp


3,442 cm3


2 SU HD6 carburetors


M 4 reports


190 hp at 5,500 rpm

0 to 100 km/h

9 Secondes

Maximum speed

201 km/h

Curb weight

1.422 Kg


The state does not restore the history!


We are pleased to present this third-hand Jaguar XK 140 FHC to you, in an original configuration and accompanied by a complete history.


Delivered new in France in Paris by the Royal-Elysée establishments, official Jaguar distributor at the time.


The first owners were a couple, owners of a butcher's shop in the town of Château-du-Loir, in the Sarthe department. They registered it on April 30, 1956 with the first registration 504 CG 72. 


After 25 years of good and loyal service and a few thousand kilometers traveled, they decided to part with the car and sold it on March 19, 1981 to a certain Mr. Jean Fernand Rey, entrepreneur, residing in Azay le Rideau in the 'Indre et Loire, March 19, 1981. 


The latter kept it for 6 years, before selling it on February 2, 1987 to its 3rd and last owner, Mr. Luc Lasseron, residing in Tours and therefore still in the same region. 


A lover of the brand and his car. 

He took care to diligently keep the mechanical monitoring booklet, invoices, photos, press clippings, documentation, etc. constituting a real file.


She accompanies him until the end of his days.


Currently, the car still presents itself in a very original appearance with 170,000 certified kilometers and having never been restored! 


Repainted only once at the time in its Old English White color. The painting still presents correctly for its age, although some somewhat crude touch-ups would merit rework by a skilled painter.


The period chrome is also beautiful. 


Its patinated upholstery is that of the original and does not deserve to be replaced. Despite its age, the leather has remained supple and beautiful in presentation. On board we feel the old, we relive the 1950s.


Its woodwork is also original. 


On the mechanical side we find its 3.4L 6-cylinder XK, with the most captivating sound, with its period number which corresponds to the chassis, in its entirely original engine compartment.


At the start of the year, the entire upper part of the engine as well as the distribution were the subject of a complete overhaul.


The stainless steel exhaust line is recent, as is its stainless steel tank.


The entire braking circuit has also been revised in recent years.


This elegant coupe, emblem of the brand, just needs to find a meticulous owner.

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