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1966 Maserati Mistral 4.0L



Mistral Coupe






69.580 Km



Fiche technique


6 cylinders online, 12sp


4,014 cm3


M 5 gears


Lucas Injection


255 hp at 5,500 rpm

Curb weight

1,350 kg


We are pleased to offer you for sale this Maserati Mistral 4.0L in perfect working order, with low mileage and a clear history. 


The car is presented in its original configuration as attested by its certificate of conformity present in its file.

The engine and gearbox numbers match. 

Its exterior color is Grigio Albany, its interior is Connolly Red leather and it is equipped with Borrani wheels.


Sold new in Italy in 1966 with first registration B54 336 MI.


It was sold in 1972 to a Frenchman living in Toulon. 


A mail exchange from April 6, 1973 informs us that Mr. Raoul Latini, a recognized specialist mechanic from Marseille, collected the car in Toulon on March 13 of the same year with the aim of selling it to one of his clients. 


Mr. Latini specified in this letter “I realized that the oil pressure is insignificant and that the connecting rod and shaft line bearings have certainly taken a “sunburn”…”


It was then decided, in agreement with the owner, to carry out an engine overhaul. 


An invoice for 8,612.95 Frs was established by Mr. Latini on February 22, 1974. This will remain unpaid.


This results in an exchange of letters and reminders. This dispute ended up being the subject of a judgment by the Toulon court.


All the letters as well as the judgment are present in the file. 


Following this affair, the car remained stored in Mr. Latini's garage for more than 14 years, until the day a professional and friend of the garage owner bought it. 


The latter had known the car since his arrival at the garage in 1973.

He took care to carry out some work on the car, such as completely repairing the brake system, then kept it in his private collection.


In 2006, it was sold to its third owner (an individual) who had also known the car since 1973 and was also a friend of Mr. Latini.


We find in the file a description where it is specified that between 1973 and 2017 the car only made short outings of a few kilometers as well as in 2015 a trip of 600 km (France - Switzerland) without incident. It then practically no longer drove, from 2015 to 2018. 


The upholstery has its original leather. An invoice for the repair of the entire passenger compartment in 2014 including the reupholstering of the seats, the repair of the seams and the restoration of the roof lining is present in the file. 


In June 2018, the car underwent a general overhaul. The invoice also specifies the repair of the radiator and the replacement of all the cooling hoses. 

At that time its body was still in original paint with some touch-ups, but during this service the car received shards of glass from a window, slightly damaging the paint of the wings, the front mask as well as the chrome of the bumper. shocks, which led the owner to repaint the car and re-chrome the front bumper, at the expense of the garage's insurance.


In March 2019, the car was sold one last time with the condition, and at the seller's expense, of replacing the complete ANSA exhaust system and replacing the fuel pump.


The work was carried out by Michel Prudhomme near Marseille, a recognized specialist. 

During this intervention, the latter noticed that the oil/water exchanger was not waterproof and therefore replaced it. He also replaced the cylinder head gasket as well as the clutch sender and receiver, both Mastervacs and made the injection adjustments.


In September 2019, its last owner took delivery of the car and traveled to Paris accompanied by his wife.


Since then, he has taken careful care of it.


All front axle consumables have been redone, ball joints, steering rods, silent blocks, shock absorbers, brake pads etc... Also the engine silent blocks, tie rod silent blocks and rear axle straps. 


The starter and battery are new.


The rims were redone at Borrani and reassembled with new original tires.

All invoices are of course present in the file.


To date, the car runs perfectly, drives and brakes in line, its engine revs, the oil pressure is excellent and the gears of its 5-speed ZF gearbox shift without a hitch. All on-board instruments are functional.


It is in very good condition with a good body structure and good alignments, the doors close perfectly. Its chrome and hardware strips are beautiful. 


The original interior has a magnificent patina, note a stain on the right side of the gearbox tunnel which merits repair.


Also accompanying the vehicle is its original tool kit (complete), its Maserati certificate of authenticity, a use and maintenance manual, a period presentation brochure and a new Borrani spare wheel. 

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