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1961 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL



190 SL W121






63,080 km



Technical sheet


4 cylinders online, 8 sp


1,897 cm3


M 4 gears


2 carburateurs Weber 40  DCOE


105 hp at 5,700 rpm

Curb weight

1,140 kg


We are pleased to offer you for sale this Mercedes 190 SL, of French origin, in a general condition to delight fans of the star brand and collector's cars. 


Delivered new in Paris by the importer Royal-Elysées on May 3, 1961, in its attractive Hellelfenbein color code DB 608 and a red/burgundy leather interior and equipped with a third seat. 


You will notice that the car is plated with its original registration, its current registration document dates from January 30, 1974! 


Put up for auction by Arcturial during the 2016 Rétromobile show, it was purchased by the company Howard Wise Card, an automotive professional based in the suburbs of London. 


In May 2018, it was put up for sale at auction again, but this time by the house of Bonhams, it was a French company which acquired it. 


The car has therefore only had one private owner since 1974! 


During 2020, a fire broke out in the engine compartment leading to a complete overhaul of its mechanics.


The engine and all peripheral accessories have been removed. The compartment stripped bare, treated with phosphate then repainted. 


The cylinder head disconnected from the block was overhauled with replacement of the valves and their guides and fitted with lead-free seats.

The lower engine, for its part, has of course been checked. 


The intake pipe replaced, the Weber carburettors (original Solex) have been revised.


All mechanical accessories, starter, dynamo, igniter, fuel pump, etc. and all consumables have been serviced or replaced.


In total, more than €44,000 in upgrade costs have just been carried out. 


When you open the engine hood, everything is new and original, with all its identification plates and stickers!


Its paint is of very good quality, well stretched and has no defects.

The alignment of its doors is perfect.

All of its chrome is magnificent, the bumpers and hardware parts are in new condition, note only a slight dent in the surround of its grille.


Apart from its new carpets, the entire interior is entirely original!!!


At the wheel, it’s a return to years gone by! 

Its leathers are not dry, patinated, its interior exudes history and offers it an undeniable charm that you will not be able to find on a car with a new interior.

Always equipped with its Blaupunkt radio, all of its accessories, buttons and indicators are period and functional. 

Its Alpaca hood is new and fits perfectly. 


Its “1961” vintage was equipped with some improvements installed in previous years such as the brake booster, a steering wheel with safety neiman, a 2-speed windshield washer and wiper system, sun visors and various…


Accompanies it is its tool kit and spare wheel.

  Mercedes 190 SL for sale, Mercedes 190 SL for sale 

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