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1960 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL



190 SL W121






25.564 Km



Technical sheet


4 cylinders online, 8 sp


1,897 cm3


M 4 gears


2 carburateurs Solex double corps


105 hp at 5,700 rpm

Curb weight

1,140 kg


This surprising Mercedes 190 SL was delivered new in France and has remained in the hands of the same owner for over 54 years!

Equipped with its original hardtop and a third seat.

Its interior is magical, magnificently preserved! With a beautiful patina, its original leathers have retained their suppleness and show no tears.

First painting (measured)! This shows traces of pen retouching in various places, but never one of its elements has been completely repainted.

The state of conservation of its body and its bases is remarkable! Without any perforating corrosion, a simple and light brown surface rust in a few places. All original soldering points are visible.

It is mechanically that this car will surprise you the most! It gives the impression of driving a new vintage car!

No extraneous noise, precise steering, it drives and brakes in line. It starts without difficulty cold or hot.

Its engine runs and revs without emitting smoke from the exhaust. The 4 gears of its gearbox shift easily. Its oil pressure is perfect.


All of its on-board instruments are functional and precise. Although the latter is not certifiable, we are convinced that its mileage on the odometer is that of the car's original mileage.

A general overhaul of its mechanics was carried out during 2019, including:

  • Replacement of shock absorbers

  • Repair of the fuel tank

  • Overhaul of the brake system, replacement of the master cylinder, mastervac, hoses and linings.

  • Overhauling the igniter and replacing the spark plugs

  • Replacement of the exhaust line and its supports

  • Replacement of engine mounts

  • Replacing the cooling radiator and water pump

  • Replacement of various cooling and fuel lines

  • Draining all fluids

Today, virtually all old vehicles have undergone partial or total restoration. It is very rare to find completely original vehicles in perfect working order with no sheet metal work required!

In its juice, ready to ride, its purchase results above all from an intellectual approach that a connoisseur will naturally have.

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