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1986 Porsche 930 3.3L Turbo



911 (930) Turbo 3.3L






41.184 Km





Technical sheet


cylindres à plat, 12sp


3299 cm3


M 4 gears


K-jetronic injection


300 hp at 5500 rpm

Curb weight

1330 kg

History of the model

The Porsche 911 turbo is today a true icon, the second generation of which has indeed had the privilege of remaining in the catalog for 12 years! Amazing longevity and still incredible charisma for this 3.3L version that we never tire of rediscovering with nostalgia.


The origins of the first production 911 Turbo lie in the engines of the Porsche 917 current in CanAm since 1972.

These are equipped with a flat12 turbocharged which allows them to dominate the competition.

In 1973 Porsche therefore presented at Paris show a turbocharged prototype, which foreshadows its second generation 911. This was marketed in 1974, its final turbo version was revealed, although in the meantime the first oil shock.

Depending on its origins, and to follow the sporting and commercial success of the Carrera RS of the first generation, this version is first designed as a homologation version of the turbo engine in competition, and as such, Porsche initially plans to produce only 500 examples.

But the success of the model will very quickly make them renounce any limitation on production.

In 1977, Porsche revised the engine and increased it to 3.3L and 300 hp (code 930/60) and added an air-air intercooler to solve the problem of the 3.0L 260 hp engine which was not equipped with a pressure relief valve. discharge, the driver had to perpetually anticipate the foot lift, because the residual pressure at the time the power was cut caused the engine to remain under load until 1/2 second after the foot lift. 

Production of the model was stopped in 1989.


We are pleased to offer you for sale this sublime Porsche 911 3.3L Turbo in its exclusive Sylver Schwartzmettalic color (L999), low original mileage and stunning general condition. 


Delivered new in FRANCE by Ets SONAUTO in Levallois Perret with all the options available in the catalog. 


Winner of the international PORSCHE CHALLENGE competition in 2015 with the Porsche Velizy center.


Only its paintwork was refinished by the classic department of the Porsche Velizy center in 2014, it is simply magnificent! 


The alignment of all its openings is precise.


A complete overhaul of its mechanics was carried out at the same time, still at Porsche Velizy. 


Equipped with multi-position sports seats with electrical controls, its interior is in new condition. 


Accompanying it are its notebooks and notices as well as its history of maintenance invoices since new and a copy of its old registration documents.


Here is the opportunity for you to acquire in 2022 a 930 turbo from the 80s" in new condition, French with low certified mileage.

For further information, please contact us. Porsche 930 for sale

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