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2002 Porsche 996 Turbo X50


996 Turbo







90,250 km



Technical sheet


cylindres à plat, 24sp


3,600 cm3


Twin-turbo multi-point injection


   M 6 gears


450 hp at 5,700 rpm



0 to 100 km/h

3.9 Seconds

Maximum speed

307 km/h

Curb weight

1.375 kg


History of the model

We offer for sale this desirable Porsche 911 type 996 Turbo X50 manual gearbox, 2nd hand with a complete history since the delivery note.


Sold new on September 18, 2002 by the Porsche dealership in Milan (code C07) in its Nachtblau color and a full leather Metropol blue interior, its first registration was CC 996 XV.


It is equipped as a factory option with the X50 power kit, pushing the power to 450 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque thanks to larger turbos than on the base version. It also has many options, a list of which you will find in pdf format below.


This 911 Turbo meets the expectations of the most demanding enthusiasts.


Its first owner, a Milanese, owned it for 8 years keeping it under Porsche approved warranty (warranty books and certificates on file).


It was in July 2010 that its second owner acquired it through an intermediary specializing in 911s. The car had 55,250 kilometers on that date.

The latter, a car enthusiast, took care to maintain it regularly as evidenced by its general condition and its file.


With 90,250 kilometers, it is today in a superb state of preservation. First painting except its bumpers which we have just had repainted at the same time as the repair of its 4 rims.

Its all-leather Porsche Exclusif Manufaktur interior is magnificent, very clean, only the rear shells of its sports seats need to be reworked, which will be done for sale.


Mechanically, a complete overhaul has just been carried out with draining of all its fluids, replacement of the clutch receiver, the pressure accumulator, its spark plugs, the front shock absorber heads, the tires and various…


The car is perfect, no costs are expected.


Comes with all of its accessories, jack, compressor, tool kit, protections and of course its notebook, user manuals, set of keys.


Having driven several 996 turbo versions with 420 and 450 horsepower, we can tell you that the driving pleasure of an X50 has nothing to do with a 420. The car is much more responsive, more angry.


As a reminder, the Porsche 996 Turbos are equipped with the Metzger engine, recognized as unbreakable and from the fabulous Porsche GT1 developed for the 24 hours of Le Mans. They do not have the IMS bearing problem. In terms of performance, the 3,600 cm3 flat 6 develops a power of 420 horsepower and a torque of 560 newton meters (450 HP and 620 Nm with the X50 option) all coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox. 0 to 100 km/h is dispatched in 4.2 seconds (3.9 for the X50) for a maximum speed of 307 km/h.

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