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1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 C Super Sprint



1900 CSS






82,580 km



Technical sheet


4cylinders online, 8sp


1,975 cm3

Boîte de vitesses

M 5 gears


2 Double body carburettors


115 hp at 5,500 rpm

Curb weight

1,050 kg


Alfa Romeo 1900 C Super Sprint Year 1956 / Chassis No. 101 31

Its certificate of authenticity tells us that the car was destined for a dealership in Genova, Italy and that its original color was White.

The first owner Mr. Savignac was a Frenchman.

His son, Mr. Michel Patrick Savignac, inherited the car in 1960 (copy of the registration document present). It stays 6 to 8 years without riding.

During the years 1974 and 1975, Mr. Savignac made charges on the car. We find in the file several invoices from the Alfa Romeo Garage, Rue Dupleix in Paris 15.
At that time, it covered 77,000 kilometers.

In January 1976, the car was sold to Mr. Jacques Bonay (copy of the registration document present). The latter has never driven with it.


In 1981 and 80,234 Kilometers it was bought by Mr. Gérard Lanvin’s company “Lov’auto Alfa Romeo official agency”. At that time the car was already in its current color.

In 1984, the latter had the vehicle appraised by Mr. Christian Huet, the report of this appraisal is in the file.

At the end of 1988, Mr. Lanvin bought the car from his company.

In 2002, a complete overhaul of its mechanics was carried out. Mr. Lanvin took care to write everything down on paper and take some photos of the work.

Several technical inspection reports are present in the file attesting to the odometer reading.

In June 2014, the car and Mr. Lanvin were the subject of an 8-page article in Autoretro magazine number 387.

In 2017, the car was repainted after completely stripping its bodywork. To this end, notes and photos were taken for a summary.

In October 2020 and 82,538 kilometers, a brake repair was carried out.


The car accompanied Mr. Lanvin until his last days.

Mr. Gérard Lanvin was a big name in automobiles and the Alfa Romeo brand! We have taken care to attach several articles dedicated to him at the bottom of this page.(file in pdf format)

It is presented today in very good condition.
Its recent paintwork has no scratches, its aluminum bodywork has no deformation. Its chrome is in new condition.
The state of conservation of its original interior is simply exceptional.

Mechanically the car works perfectly, the 5 gears of its gearbox shift without a hitch, its engine revs up.
It brakes well and in line.
During our test drive we did not detect any extraneous noise or anomaly.

Accompanying the car is its Alfa Romeo leather pouch, its original repair manual as well as the use and maintenance manual, its period tool kit and its jack.

Here is the opportunity to acquire a legendary, rare car, a masterpiece of the brand. In addition, our example has a more than desirable pedigree and history.

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